Patronage Reports

Patronage reports provide insight into who is doing business with each of the organisations covered in the industry reports. It allows subscribers to dig deeper into their market share to understand the proportion of their patrons that are actually their target market as well as the other organisations that their target market is doing business with. Patronage reports drill down into the demographic breakdown by company for key market share metrics, including, where relevant:

  • Products
  • Preferred channels
  • Key drivers of company selection
  • Loyalty, trust and satisfaction

Reports are currently available for the following industries:

  • Consumer Finance
  • Grocers
  • Home Goods
  • Insurance (Coming in September 2022)

Latest Report: Home Goods August 2022

  • One home goods retailer dominates the market, with over 50% of customers stating that they purchased something from this store. 
  • The analysis of the drivers sheds some light on its dominance, as it either leads or is in second place for every driver assessed.
  • When considering the customer experience, however, other retailers come to the fore.
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