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Customer experience has been taking centre stage in C-Suite discussions because of the tremendous impact that positive experiences have on customer loyalty, lifetime value and likelihood to recommend.

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Latest Report: Consumer Finance March 2023

The results of our March 2023 study of customer experience in the consumer finance industry in Barbados show an improvement in the perceptions of the customer experience in the industry relative to September 2022..

  • The average Net Promoter Score for the industry increased from -12.7 to 24.8;
  • The overall customer experience index rose from 48.5% to 68.2% 68%; and,
  • Satisfaction and trust scores both edged closer 8 out of a maximum possible score of 10 compared to 7 in the last wave.

The introduction of four companies – Carilend, Courts Ready Cash, Fast Cash and Payce Digital – this wave resulted in a reshuffling of the rankings, with Carilend emerging as the company with the strongest customer experience performance.

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