Audience Analysis Reports

In today’s business environment, it is evident that there is a greater appreciation for, and understanding of, branding and the impact it can have on competitive advantage. Marketing and brand development has made its way into the C-Suite; some companies allocate healthy budgets to brand development; and, many understand the importance of consistency of look, feel and tone of voice in communications. Yet, in many cases, companies fail to manage brands as what they truly are: assets.

If we agree that brands add value, it is critical that you manage them like any other asset by measuring and tracking their performance. The first step is understanding the degree to which your target market knows, likes and trusts your brand. Brand Engagement reports allow subscribers to benchmark their performance in the following areas: brand engagement, brand awareness, brand loyalty and brand trust. Reports are currently available for the following industries:

  • Newspapers
  • Radio
  • Social Media

Latest Report: June 2022

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