Introducing AE Insider

An independent source of research, data and insights developed specifically for decision-makers in the Caribbean.

What is AE Insider?

AE Insider provides access to data and analysis to understand the marketing and customer experience landscape in Barbados, at a fraction of the cost of a customised research project.

We believe that if companies spend a small, stable portion of their research budget on understanding and interpreting market developments, they could dedicate the remainder to topics that would help them to create a truly sustainable competitive advantage.

Subscribers to AE Insider receive reports, chartbooks, expert commentary and articles.

Who AE Insider Is For

AE Insider provides access to data and analysis to:

  • Busy decision-makers who have to be strategic about how they spend their time and money
  • Professionals who are keen on making an impact and know that informed decisions are crucial to success
  • Companies that are prepared to do what is necessary to surmount the severe data challenges in the Caribbean 
  • Leaders seeking an insights partner

Our Approach

We merge economics, market research and strategy into a comprehensive suite of data, reports and analyses. We have invested in the software, tools and business relationships needed to conduct complex research projects quickly and thoroughly.

We provide access to our insights through AE Insider, a subscription based platform that allows businesses and individuals access to relevant Caribbean-focused market, competitive and strategic insights.

Insights are presented in various forms, including reports, infographics, articles and posts.

Focus Areas

Audience Analysis
We dive into demographic preferences for different media - both traditional media and social media - as well as exposure to alternative advertising channels, such as billboards, in-store video screens, product placements, ads on buses, and the like.
Brand Engagement
Reports that help companies understand benchmark the level of brand engagement versus their peers. This report includes metrics for brand engagement, brand loyalty and likelihood to recommend, brand trust, market share and customer satisfaction.
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Customer Experience
Reports that allow companies to benchmark themselves against their peers for market share, customer experience and satisfaction.
Patronage reports focus on market share, drivers of company selection, preferred channels, loyalty and customer satisfaction.
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